Simioscraft Defense

Simioscraft Defense

As one type of Minecraft TD genre, Simioscraft Defense requires players to handle a very curial task. What is it? Come on, guys!

At first, it’s a need to pick your desirable character among Holyfuu, Alfredo, El, and Eddiesick. Next, guide him to the arena and get his adventure started. See the boy at the bottom of the screen? The mouse is used to click on him non-stop to produce your own units, and then ask them to wander towards the rivals’ base! Ruin it now! Keep hiring warriors to improve your army’s power and make the chance of winning more brightening. Avoid letting the hostiles approach your base. The coming stages will be tougher, just because the rivals will be stronger. Misiones, Tienda, and Jardin are three main options in the game.

Get ready to conquer Simioscraft Defense? Hope that you will have a meaningful time!

How to play

The mouse is merely availed to control the whole game.


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