Hey guys, do you see Steve? Yes, he is now running! Get curious to know what’s up? Lead self towards SteveRun for the ultimate answer. Come on!

On the journey of going through the jungle to look for treasures, Steve unintentionally digs deep into the creepers’ cave. Horribly, they’re now behind his back! See! He does best to run as fast as possible, since he doesn’t want to become their food tonight. To keep a far distance with these foes, players should control him how to move & jump over barriers, like wood logs, trees, rocks, etc. Never let Steve encounter any obstacle, or he will die immediately.

Attempt to become his wise & clever instructor and bring Steve out of this terrible case. You’re his last hope; as a result, join in SteveRun to save our poor boy now!

How to play

Only use the arrow keys to control Steve.


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