Stick War 2

Stick War 2

The latest update of Stick War, namely Stick War 2, continues giving its fans a lot of dramatic traits about a war between 2 opposing troops: The Black Stickmen and The Red Stickmen. Role-playing a wise general of the Black Stickmen and demonstrating your leadership are rightly what you must do now, all guys!

Try best to guide your troop to the noble victory in the combat against the Red Stickmen. It is equally important to know that stickman deployment plays a big role in the final result of the game. In detail, please send the stickman warriors to the battleground, and then set up them in strategic slots so as to prevent the rival progress. Don’t forget to unearth gold mines and accumulate any sparkling stones that are useful to hire more powerful units and essential upgrades.

I bet that your intelligent plans for the fight with the foes are really necessary in Stick War 2. Have a fun moment!

How to play

The left mouse is controlled to play Stick War 2.


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