Tangerine Tycoon

Tangerine Tycoon

As a Minecraft fan, you’ve already played different kinds of idle-click game, right? Here, we want to present another fun clicking game; that’s, Tangerine Tycoon! Join with us to uncover its charms!

In fact, if you’re a hardcore idle-click fan, you’ll surely understand the game’s rule in here easily. With a friendly interface, everyone can play this game. Let’s enjoy instantly! Dealing with the task, the players just need to tap on the orange tangerine continuously to increase the income in your budget. Perform spectacular and constant hits on the item and wait until the money is added. When earning enough funds, it’s the right time to purchase some essential upgrades such as Tangerine Machine, Tangerine Tree, Tangerine Farm, Tangerine Bush, and more. By the way, buy some items to decorate your garden to enhance the value of the tangerine.

In Tangerine Tycoon, players can gamble to obtain bonuses. Time to develop your tangerine empire!

How to play

Take advantage of the mouse to enjoy this game.

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