Tap Heroes

Tap Heroes

Leave the rush of the life aside, and then join with us in Tap Heroes now, dear folks! Get curious to know how to play the game? Just click the "Start" button to enjoy it right away!

All players, your primary task here is to become a companion of a warrior, and then aid him in conquering all deadly monsters so that the villagers’ land will be well saved. Be brave enough to kill these cruel creatures? Get started here! At that time, you should tap continuously on each foe to eliminate it from the field. Don’t forget to zero in on the Health bar of the monsters and the warrior. It’s a matter of choice to decide whether to refill this hero’s power or attack enemies. The more rivals you wipe out, the more coins you can get for budget. Try to use them wisely to buy major items or upgrades so that the warrior’s fighting skills can be sharpened. Travel to some new areas and recruit heroes as many as possible.

Ok, access Tap Heroes and discover all cool stuffs here! Hope that all gamers will have good moment!

How to play

Use the mouse to play this amazing game only.


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