Twin Cat Warrior 2

Twin Cat Warrior 2

It’s quite easy for players to get absorbed in Twin Cat Warrior 2 because the game is featured by a special combo of action and adventure genres. Come here for more info!

The addictive game mainly depicts an expedition of the 2 lovely twin cats – the best warriors in the cat world. Today, they’re entrusted by the Cat King with a task of reaching an icy dungeon to gather all sparkling gems. Your participant during this taxing adventure is truly the good news for them! Please help them show off their excellent skills in moving and jumping so that they may overcome all obstacles and dangers ahead (mud pools, lava holes, spikes, bottomless gaps, and so on). By the way, don’t forget to take advantage of tools and objects around to avoid getting stuck in any miserable situations.

Twin Cat Warrior 2 does challenge every user to all 30 stages! Happy journeying!

How to play

Player 1.
Move and jump by the WASD keys.
Player 2.
Walk and jump by the arrow keys.

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