Unstoppable Mine Run

Unstoppable Mine Run

Please get self dipped once more time into Unstoppable Mine Run – one of the most dazzling Minecraft games, which surely blows your mind at the first time of playing!

On screen, it is likely that the miner is unable to stop running from left to right. Your task here is to wisely use all of the double jumps to get assured that he’s able to get to the top. Never let the burning and the hot lava reach him; otherwise, he will lose all lives. Do best to achieve gems and mine a lot of patches of rocks as many as possible. The most splendid part of the game might be its impressive retro-styled music and the gripping pixel graphics. Three major mines are also available for your free play, including easy, average, and tough.

Join in Unstoppable Mine Run to get the most valuable objects along your journey instantly. Minecraft-inspired indie game will make your eyebrows raised without reason.

How to play

Hit the left-click of your mouse to perform gorgeous jumps.


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