Wall Defender

Wall Defender

Taking part in a new Minecraft game, namely Wall Defender , it’s hard to neglect the thrilling story of a Minecraft guy for sure. He is, in fact, unluckily stuck in the creepers’ territory. Of course, the struggle for survival starts. Stay by him to deal with all foes now!

As seeing, the man is now holding a diamond sword. He needs to protect his life from the creepers’ horrible attacks with this powerful weapon. Hence, do best to control his action & movement so that he can find it easy to use the sword, and then prevail over the opponents. Bear in mind that groups of these rivals are totally able to make counter-attacks from any direction. Thoroughly view anything!

This poor man is in danger; and you’re only his hope. Get quick to enter Wall Defender and help him immediately!

How to play

Apply the AD (left & right arrow) keys to moving left and right.
Make use of the SW (down & up arrow) keys to attack.


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