Just show off your splendid skills at solving any hard puzzle in Woodclicker, you’re able to win this idle game all times! How to play the game? Come with us for more info now!

See a huge tree ahead? Yes, your primary target is to chop it into pieces so that wood can be congregated as much as possible. Not hard to fulfill the mission, right? Alright, feel free to embark on the first step! That is to constantly slide the tree and improve your budget. Second, mine the wood’s veins with the goal of collecting raw materials and then place them in the storage for the later use. Besides, please consider recruiting a few employees who are capable of preventing the enemies from devastating your terrain. Earning extra points also help you complete the missions more efficiently, such as buying snails, building sawmills, recruiting a chain sawyer, etc.

Got it? Instantly engage in Woodclicker and enjoy the most joyful moments given by the game!

How to play

Go around with the WASD keys while taking action with the mouse.

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Woodclicker, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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