Zombie Miner

Zombie Miner

Without a doubt, Minecraft always brings players a lot of surprise and excitement! Today, we’ll be introduced towards Zombie Miner to make another cool adventure with a Minecraft guy! Lend him a hand right now!

In fact, there are countless zombies lurking anywhere in the Minecraft world; and they always find a chance to attack humans. It is horrible, right? However, players are offered 199 seconds to prepare something important before such the monsters show up. Please guide this man how to build a solid & powerful fortress for survival. To do that, he needs a few materials. Don’t worry! There is no need to go everywhere to mine them. Just pay a visit to the storage and take such the available resources out. Next, place them orderly and logically to finish the tower. Remember that the zombies are fearful of lava, so it is a wise idea to lay lava blocks around the fortress to kill them all.

Feel free to engage in Zombie Miner without any hesitation!

How to play

The WASD keys: Move around.
The left mouse: Destroy and Build.
The 1-9 keys: Pick out blocks.


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