Zombie Tactics

Zombie Tactics

Do best to prevent hordes of ugly zombies from attacking citizens in Zombie Tactics , dear all gamers! Trust that your skills are sharpened enough to stop and defeat all of these zombies? If so, land on here and display self now!

At the first time, gamers will have a total right to take control over 3 available characters, like a nurse, a farmer, and police to fight against the zombies. Because this is an antagonistic battle, all will attack in turn. Hence, try to follow instructions, and then tap each character to guide them to doing some accessible actions, i.e. moving, assaulting, or resting. Please carefully & smartly approach the foes, and then knock out them as soon as possible. But their counter-attacks can hurt you, remember! Thus, remember to direct the nurse to healing all wounds. For each win, you’ll not only achieve coins, but also have a chance to unlock more important members for the next stages.

Get willing to fulfill this mission and win a glorious victory in Zombie Tactics ? Prove your talents by coming with us right away!

How to play

The mouse is the most vital tool for controlling the game.


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