ZombiesCraftYou want to experience the chill and thrilling feelings? Enter ZombiesCraft now, all Minecraft-addicts! For sure, you will sure be attracted to its content and 3D graphics. Let’s get started!

When jumping into the main screen, the players must choose one between Steve and Herobrine. Then, assist him in destroying all the zombies. Are you ready? Time to expose your brilliant skills! However, at first, you need to instruct your hero how o use a sword. After that, sneak into the zombies’ base and search for them. Once seeing any of the undead, be quick to grab the sword to attack them. At the same time, be careful to avoid the enemies’ counter-attack, or the hero’s health will decrease remarkably. See the radar at the top? Take advantage of it to know the zombies’ current position. Watch out those huge walking dead as it’s hard to kill them.

Will you conquer all of them? Take a bit of time to travel to ZombiesCraft and relish!

How to play

Guide Steve (Herobrine): WASD keys.
Take action + change view: the mouse.


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